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"I Am Not A Princess" is a biographical documentary that explores the challenges of modern womanhood through the life of Irina Meyer, a Venture Capitalist, mother, and rebellious Russian-American who relentlessly works to create space for women in business.

Lioness Electric Airways - Irina Meyer


Irina Meyer is not merely an investor and entrepreneur; she is a talented, values-focused philanthropist dedicated to women's empowerment.Her decisive, passionate, and fearless leadership makes an impact on the companies and communities she helps to build. Reflecting her commitment to creating a better social environment and promoting creativity for the betterment of all people.As the founder and managing partner of Sils Capital, Irina leads projects as a director, adviser, and investor in the fund's portfolio companies, passionately dedicating one hundred percent of the portfolio to impact investing.Notably, 35% is allocated to life sciences and medical device ventures, and the fund commits to investing at least 50% of yearly rounds in women-led companies, championing the cause of women in business.Irina is a testament to the fact that women today are not confined to outdated stereotypes. They are warriors, creators, leaders, and so much more. Irina’s story is a call to action, urging us all to embrace our uniqueness, stand tall against adversity, and rewrite the narrative of our lives.


SilS Capital investments

Sils Capital Investments, a pioneering Global Early Stage Venture Capital Fund, has deep roots in software, engineering, and media, marked by a trail of successful ventures in both startup landscapes and large corporations.Irina Meyer’s journey as the lead investor of Sils Capital is a testament to her passion for technological advancements, and her commitment to driving the development and promotion of new solutions in digital media and interactive entertainment.Fluent in six languages, Irina's global perspective is reflected in her work with ventures in Switzerland, Israel, the United States, and China. Her core expertise lies in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of innovation, ensuring that Sils Capital remains at the forefront of digital progress.Irina believes in the transformative power of pioneering ideas, and she is here to empower the next wave of groundbreaking ventures.

Lioness Electric Airways

Lioness Electric Airways stands as the first female-owned Hybrid Electric Airline, making history from its strategic base in the heart of Central America, Panama.As the aviation industry undergoes a transformative shift towards sustainability, Irina Meyer leads the charge by providing cutting-edge hybrid electric flight solutions in collaboration with industry leaders Ampaire and her very own Trim Technology.Offering a comprehensive range of services, Lioness Electric Airways operates as both an electrical aviation broker and an airline, facilitating travel, transport, and private flights across Central America.With her global perspective and proficiency in six languages, Irina guides the airline towards a future where sustainable aviation and gender inclusivity intersect.Her commitment to innovation and empowerment is evident in Lioness Electric Airways' dedication to providing opportunities for women in aeronautics.In the realm of aviation, Irina is breaking new ground by not only embracing advanced technology but also fostering an environment that empowers the next generation of aviation pioneers.

Lioness Electric Airways - Electrical Airplane and Electrical Aviation
Mama Lion Productions

Mama lion productions

Irina’s vision for Mama Lion Productions is to create impactful, female-focused content that emphasizes authenticity, diversity, and global unity.Specializing in genres like uplifting dramas, foreign language thrillers, unscripted reality game shows, and documentaries, Mama Lion aims to expand its global footprint by incorporating diverse cultures into its content, offering a resonant cinematic experience for a broad audience.In the spirit of our diverse storytelling, take a playful sip of your Milk or Whiskey, where diversity flows in every glass. This mirrors our founder's passion for inclusivity, as she leads a team that spans from a mom-to-be to a former law enforcement officer and a melting pot of talented producers and writers.Mama Lion Productions cultivates an environment that reflects the global audience they aim to reach, enriching their storytelling with a multitude of voices and experiences.Mama Lion is not only creating stories but also engaging in global co-productions and leveraging international film markets to promote inclusivity in the industry.


Irina Meyer has three core beliefs to life: strong sense of justice, elevated sisterhood, and authenticity.Her Activism and philanthropy is an important for her to give back and give opportunities to those who are
less fortunate.



“I Am Not A Princess" is an inspiring documentary chronicling the journey of Irina Meyer, a fearless Russian-American woman who defies societal norms to become a trailblazer in business. From a rebellious youth to excelling at Moscow State University and overcoming post-Soviet challenges in France and the U.S., Irina triumphs in the male-dominated video game industry before transitioning to Venture Capital. This powerful and timely film, spanning resilience, determination, and triumph, resonates with audiences with its empowering narrative of the unwavering human spirit.

Director’s Statement

Creating a captivating biographical film, particularly without a high-profile subject, poses the challenge of sustaining viewer engagement. Yet, after spending just a week with Irina, her compelling essence inspired a desire to replicate that connection in the film's storytelling.Irina's life narrative resonates with universal struggles—fighting for every achievement amid unconditional love, harsh fate, and ongoing challenges. Enduring physical abuse, losing affectionate family members, financial hardships, and workplace sexual abuse, Irina embodies the strength of a Siberian tiger and the kindness of a mother. Despite common stories of resilience, her unwavering commitment to good deeds sets her apart.To authentically convey Irina's complex story, the documentary adopts an honest approach, breaking the fourth wall and revealing glimpses of the filmmaking process. Irina's life unfolds straightforwardly, allowing viewers to focus on the profound narrative without distractions.The first impression as you watch is strong, powerful, and almost overwhelming. Then, as you start to get to know her- slowly taking one layer off at a time- you’re left with the same person you first met, but somehow you don’t see her as this overpowering personality anymore, rather a gentle and kind soul.As a Sicilian coming from a place where women’s voices are not always heard, throughout my life, I’ve tried to break this pattern and honor and respect women and their stories, and yet making this film made me realize how many biases I still have ingrained in me. After watching the documentary, the hope is that the audience reflects on their own biases and treatment of women, fostering positive changes for the benefit of all.


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